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Preserving your kids artwork
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Create memories out of your kids art, drawings, and poetry

Your childrens art is priceless; it's art to remember. Preserve kids art forever by making a beautiful coffee table book of your childrens art.

The hardcover books are printed on acid and lignin-free archival paper with an elegant satin finish. So your childrens art book is something you and your family will cherish for generations - and kids feel pretty proud of it too!

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Preserve Kids Art

As parents we know it's impossible to preserve kids art forever or even find space to hang, save or enjoy it all.

A museum-quality coffee table book of your kids artwork is the answer. You can pick it up and enjoy their art to remember, over and over again.

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Need a school fundraising idea or help with a community fundraising event?

Childrens art books are the perfect easy fundraising idea. We make it simple to organise, we'll help you promote it and write your charity, school or club a check for up to 20% of the sales.

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Childrens Art Book Packages

Our packages vary depending on how many pieces of your kids artwork you want in your coffee table book.

Take a look at our childrens art book packages, and pick a package that suits you.

Don't worry if you need extra pages. You can add another piece of art to your book for $5.

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I dedicate this book to my mother and father who have helped me do everything in my life since the day I was born.

by Alaman Diadhiou, Age 11

There was a hollow boy
With a hollow mind
Not in search of anything in particular
Like an empty plastic bag
Moving only if the wind carried it
Blankly refusing help from anyone
Picking grass from the rough earth
The coarse terrain beneath him
It was something that someone would do
To pass the time
As he simply
Drifted away from the world

Alaman Diadhiou, Age 11

Determined children were running to find their true home

Traveling far distances to reach happiness and independence

Taking leaps of faith into a new world

Full with joy and ecstasy

One brave, vigorous boy led the way to the novel world

Taking all who desired this miraculous, fresh place of liberty and choice

As they flew away they had seen an object in the distance

And this was the shape of freedom.

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